How to Decide If You Should Repair or Replace Your Roof

Dec 23, 2022

How to Decide If You Should Repair or Replace Your Roof

If there is one type of renovation that most homeowners dread, it is repairing or replacing their roof! This is one of the most expensive types of renovation work you will need to invest in for your home, so it is only natural to want to avoid it for as long as possible. However, making repairs to patch up the problems will only delay the inevitable. Sooner or later, the time will come when you need to replace your roof if you want to protect your home, your property, and your family. The question is - how do you know when it is time? Here are some helpful tips from Nunez Roofing, your number one choice for a shingle roofer in Knoxville.

Repairing Your Roof

Suppose you have a roof inspection carried out by an experienced shingle roofer in Knoxville, and they let you know that the damage to your roof is minimal or focused only on one small area. In that case, it may be possible to repair the roof rather than replace it all prematurely. Suppose a fallen branch has damaged a few shingles or a strong wind has torn a few out of place. In that case, your shingle roofer in Knoxville can usually repair this damage relatively inexpensively by replacing the affected shingles. This will allow you to extend the life of your roof a little longer, giving you more time to save money towards a new roof when the time comes.

When to Replace

Unfortunately, every roof will eventually come to a point where a complete replacement is the only way to go. This is most often because of the age, and it has simply reached the end of its expected lifespan, although it could, in some cases, be because of extensive damage in multiple spots across the roof. Let’s look at some signs that will let a shingle roofer in Knoxville know you need a replacement roof.

1 - Damage In Multiple Sections

As noted, a shingle roofer in Knoxville can usually extend the life of your roof by making repairs if the damage is confined to a small area of the roof. However, if the damage is more extensive and leaks in multiple places, it is time to consider replacing the roof. This is also true if you find yourself calling out a roofer regularly to replace a few shingles here and there. This is a sign that the roof is nearing its expiration date.

2 - Repairs Are No Longer Cost-Effective

If you have been delaying a roof replacement, it is most likely because you know that it isn’t going to come cheap! However, there will come a tipping point where the constant repairs all start to add up, and it becomes more cost-effective to start from scratch with a new roof! While this can be a significant amount of cash, it will likely save you money in the long run, as you shouldn’t need repairs on a brand-new roof. Talk to a shingle roofer in Knoxville about whether it will be more cost-effective for you to tear off that old roof and replace it with a new one.

3 - You Have a Patchwork of Mismatched Shingles

Did you know that your roof is one of the things that affect the value of your home? There is a lot to be said for curb appeal! If you have been patching your roof over the last few years, you may notice the shingles weather at different rates, leaving a mix of different shades. You may have also been unable to source the same shingles and have been patching with a close match. Either way, the roof may have stopped leaking, but if you want to sell your home, that patchwork roof might bring down the value.

4 - Your Roof No Longer Meets Building Codes

Did you know that local building codes can often limit the number of layers that can be added to an old roof? If you already have two or more layers of shingles, thanks to frequent repairs, then it may no longer meet building codes. This means when it comes time for the next repair, you will have to remove it all and install a new roof instead.

5 - Structural Damage is Present

The roof is one of the most critical components of your home. It is integral to the structure of the property. If you have not been maintaining your roof as well as you could have been, it might begin to show signs of potential structural damage. This might include wood rot, nail pops, damage to the roof deck, or sagging of the roof itself. When structural damage is present, there is no choice but to replace the roof.

If you are still determining if your roof can be repaired instead of opting for a complete replacement, why not call Nunez Roofing at 865-255-1477 and book an inspection today? We pride ourselves on trust and integrity and will give you an honest opinion on whether it is time to repair or completely replace your roof.

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