Monitoring Your Roof’s Problem Areas!

Nov 22, 2022

Monitoring Your Roof’s Problem Areas!

As a homeowner, you need to be aware of some of the most common problems that could be affecting your roofing. It may be too late to prevent structural damage if you wait until a leak has started and the water is pouring through the ceilings. With that in mind, here are a few tips from a shingle roofer in Knoxville on how to spot common problems with your roof.

Many homeowners skip roof inspections to save themselves a little cash, but it truly is a false economy. When you have regular roof inspections from a shingle roofer in Knoxville, you will be alerted to potential problems in the early stages, meaning they can be addressed before they develop into more severe and, therefore, more expensive issues. We recommend having a professional roofing contractor look at your roof twice a year.

Here are a few areas that they will pay particular attention to since they are known hot spots for damage.


Blocked gutters are one of the most common roofing problems. They don’t just impact your roofing; they can also wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home’s foundations. The key function of your gutter system is to direct water away from your home. That means having the right length and pitch of the downspout to ensure water is running away from your foundation. Keeping your gutters clear of leaves and other debris that might cause blockages is essential. This is something that you can do by yourself without the need to call in a professional. However, it would help if you still had the gutters regularly inspected to look for any cracks or loose sections.


Asphalt shingles can last up to 30 years, but you might notice some of the shingles curling or developing cracks over time. This can usually be seen from ground level, so if you notice it, you will know it is time to contact a shingle roofer in Knoxville to carry out a full inspection of the roof and document how bad the damage currently is. It is also possible for the granule layer on shingles to wear away over time, making them more absorbent to moisture. Eventually, this will begin seeping into your attic space.


Another prominent hot spot for damage on your roof is the flashing. This is the material used to seal any gaps in the roofing caused by valleys, corners, and protrusions like vents and chimneys. Metal flashing is installed in these areas to help prevent any moisture from getting into the gaps. However, these pieces can come loose over time, so they must be inspected regularly.

Soffit & Fascia

Some other areas that commonly have problems are the soffit and fascia. The fascia is the trim that runs around the roof; you will probably notice the front board right below the edge of the roof and following the roof line all the way around. This is an aesthetically pleasing trim, but it also serves an essential function as it is another barrier to the elements. Meanwhile, the soffit is the finishing material that you can see covering the underside of any areas of the roof that overhang. It is usually wood or fiber cement. Both of these elements are visible from the ground, so you may be able to notice if part of them is damaged. These should be fixed urgently to avoid future problems with your roof due to water getting underneath. Check with a shingle roofer in Knoxville immediately if you feel these areas might be showing signs of damage.

Why Roof Inspections Are Important

One of the main reasons you should invest in regular roof inspections is that it will help you minimize the extent of damage caused. Finding faults early means they can usually be resolved quickly and affordably. If you don’t see these faults for months or even years, you may already be looking at extensive damage, a leaky roof, and possible structural problems. Speak with a shingle roofer in Knoxville and arrange an inspection of your roof. Don’t wait for the leaks to start - take action today!

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