Pros & Cons of Synthetic Felt Underlayment

Nov 08, 2022

Pros & Cons of Synthetic Felt Underlayment

When we ask our customers what kind of roofing materials they are considering, their thoughts immediately turn to shingles, metal roofing, or maybe cedar shake or tile. They almost always overlook one crucial type of roofing material - the underlayment! As a shingle roofer in Knoxville, let us tell you that this is one of the most essential layers of protection your roof will have. We primarily use synthetic felt underlayment, so let’s discuss some pros and cons associated with this particular material.

What Is Roofing Underlayment?

First, let’s start by discussing roofing underlayment and what it is used for. Underlayment is installed directly on top of the roof deck and below the shingles or other roofing material. It is hugely important in protecting your home or business from moisture damage. The deck is usually plywood or OSB, and the underlayment is installed to offer an additional layer of protection from rain, snow, and wind.

Types of Roofing Underlayment

A shingle roofer can use two main types of roofing underlayment in Knoxville. These are Felt Underlayment and Synthetic Felt Underlayment. Each of these materials has pros and cons, and your choice could depend on various factors, including the location of your home, the type of roofing material you have chosen, and even your budget. However, as a shingle roofer in Knoxville, we will most often recommend a synthetic felt underlayment. Let’s examine some of the pros and cons of this particular material.

Why Choose Synthetic Felt Underlayment?

One of the reasons that synthetic felt is a popular choice for us as a shingle roofer in Knoxville is that it offers enhanced protection and waterproofing. The underlayment is made from highly durable and long-lasting polymers designed for longevity and strength. When installed correctly by a shingle roofer in Knoxville, it can provide better moisture resistance and weather protection than standard felt underlayment can offer.

Remember that, like any material, a synthetic underlayment will vary from brand to brand, so the material is not standardized. Some manufacturers produce a higher quality product that will perform better than others. We have tried various products over the years and have settled on what we believe to be the highest-quality synthetic felt on the market. We will never compromise on providing the best quality to our customers, which means choosing products that offer superior protection from the elements.

Pros of Synthetic Underlayment

In terms of the benefits associated with synthetic underlayment, there are four key pros worth mentioning:

  1. Durability - Underlayment needs to be tough and highly durable. Synthetic varieties are less likely to tear and can withstand UV and moisture if you have a gap between installing the underlayment and the roofing itself.
  2. Lightweight - For some homeowners, the maximum weight of the roof is an important consideration. One of the benefits of opting for a synthetic underlayment is that it is, on average, up to four times lighter than true felt.
  3. Fast to Install - Another pro is that synthetic felt tends to come on wider and longer rolls, making installing much faster with fewer trips up and down to retrieve new rolls. As a general estimate, the average 2700 sqft home will need just three rolls of synthetic felt underlayment compared with around 14 of felt.
  4. Safe - Keeping the crew of roofers working on your property safe is always a key concern and synthetic felt can contribute to this as it is highly slip-resistant to allow easy movement around the roof.
  5. Repels Water - Synthetic felt is designed to repel water which is incredibly important for preventing moisture from infiltrating the property. It is also typically resistant to mold growth.

Let’s Talk Cons

Like any other product, synthetic felt is not perfect, and there will be some downsides. However, as a shingle roofer in Knoxville, they need to be more of an issue to be a deal breaker for most clients. One of the main drawbacks is that some customers may feel that synthetic felt is more expensive than standard felt underlayment. However, it is still very competitively priced, and this initial investment is worth it long-term because of its higher durability and other benefits. Quality is something to focus on when it comes to your roofing.

If you are interested in updating your roof, we are happy to discuss options with you on the best underlayment and other roofing materials to suit your needs. Give us a call at 865-346-3619 today.

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