The Ultimate Roof Maintenance Checklist

Sep 05, 2022

The Ultimate Roof Maintenance Checklist

Putting a new roof on your home is a substantial financial investment, and when taken care of appropriately, it will protect your home, your family, and your assets for years to come. Not only is it important to have your roof properly installed by an experienced shingle roofer in Knoxville, but you must also take steps as a homeowner to maintain your roof in order to help it fulfill its maximum lifespan. Check out our roof maintenance checklist for some of the chores you need to add to your list throughout the year to help maintain your roof. Some of these only need to be carried out annually, and many will take just a few minutes to complete. It's well worth making an effort now as it will save time and money down the road when you are able to avoid expensive repairs caused by neglect.

The tips we will be sharing today fall into one of three categories; some of them can be handled DIY style, while others require a visit from a shingle roofer in Knoxville. The three main categories are:

  • Seasonal Roof Care
  • Regular Roof Inspections
  • Best Practice Tips

Seasonal Roof Care

We are currently enjoying the warm Summer days, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead and think about the seasonal roof care that you should be attending to when Fall rolls around. Some of the tasks that a shingle roofer in Knoxville will recommend to preserve the longevity of your roof include the following:

  1. Clean The Gutters - One mistake many homeowners make is underestimating the importance of your roof's gutter system. It is designed to collect water run-off from the roof and divert it away from the foundations of your home. If the gutters become clogged with debris, that water may overflow onto your siding or brickwork. It could also back up underneath your shingles, resulting in leaks. It is important to clean your gutters to make sure they are clear and free-flowing. This means removing leaves, moss, sticks, and any other debris. While you are up there, take a moment to look for any cracks or loose gutters that may need to be repaired. It is imperative to do this regularly in Fall when the trees are shedding their leaves, but it can also be helpful to check the gutters in Spring, too, just in case anything is blocking the flow of water.
  2. Remove Near By Tree Branches - Another important task during Fall is to cut back any tree branches that are overhanging the roof. There are several reasons why this is required. Firstly, if the branches are rubbing on the roof's surface on windy days, it will disturb the surface granules resulting in potential damage. It also means that during Winter storms, the branches are at increased risk of snapping off and hitting the roof. That's a headache that no homeowner wants to deal with. Finally, falling branches and leaves are more likely to land in the gutter if the branches are overhanging the roof. It is helpful to cut branches back so they cannot come into contact with your roof or gutters, even on the windiest days of the year.
  3. Clear Away Organic Debris - Sticking with the tree theme, unfortunately, although trees can offer us shade, privacy, and beauty, they are also a significant source of organic debris. When organic matter like leaves remains on your shingle roof, they will absorb water, keeping the shingles damp. Rainwater will also run down the roof, carrying this matter into the gutters, where it can clog them up. It is a good idea to remove any organic matter using a broom or leaf blower a couple of times a year, in Spring and Fall.

Roof Checkups

When a shingle roofer in Knoxville first installs your roof, everything is perfect and will defend your family and property against the elements. However, even though asphalt shingles are very durable, they may pick up damage over time. Sometimes even a minor repair can grow into a severe problem if it is left alone. Periodic roof checkups can help you to find potential weak spots and damage before it develops into an expensive repair.

  1. Inspect the Flashing - The flashing on your roof is designed to form a watertight seal where two planes of your roof intersect. Common locations will include roof valleys and where your chimney or vent pipes emerge from the roof. Find a safe place where you can view the flashing, either from the ground or maybe an upper window. Look for rust, dents, missing fasteners, or rotted sealant. If you see evidence of any of these faults, it is best to call a shingle roofer in Knoxville to conduct a professional inspection to determine if any action needs to be taken.
  2. Examine Vent Pipes - The vent pipes are sealed with rubber gaskets on some roofs. This gasket and the sealant it is attached with may start to degrade over time. It is wise to periodically check these and other areas where items penetrate the roof to ensure they stay watertight. If you cannot access them safely, ask a roofer to carry out a roofing inspection.

Best Practice Tips

Aside from the maintenance checks we have already mentioned, it is also helpful to understand some of the best practice tips that can help extend your roof's longevity.

  • Make sure there is proper ventilation in your attic
  • Connect dryer and bathroom vents directly to the outside
  • Make sure your downspout is not discharging onto the roof and that it flows away from the foundation
  • Book regular roof maintenance to catch problems early

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